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Space maintainers for your child’s future smile

Baby teeth serve as nature’s “space maintainers,” making way for the permanent teeth that will ultimately emerge in their place. They also assist your child in speaking and eating while their adult teeth are formed.

However, when young children experience premature tooth loss, a permanent tooth can shift into the space of another. If this issue isn’t corrected promptly, it may result in crowded or crooked teeth, leading to biting issues.

That’s where space maintainers come in. Space maintainers are a fundamental tool in preventing space loss and can keep your child from needing orthodontic treatment in the future. A space maintainer is a tiny — either fixed or removable — metal or plastic device meant to preserve space for the adult tooth that will eventually fill it. Your dentist will adjust it to ensure all teeth grow in the right place.

Give your kid an awesome future smile by preventing permanent teeth shifts from an early age! Ask our dentist about space maintainers.

Benefits of working with Mariposa Pediatric Dentistry for your child’s space maintainers

  • Our staff is specially trained to work with children from all educational and developmental backgrounds.
  • We offer general anesthesia to ensure your child can undergo the treatment they need with less stress and discomfort.
  • We offer most treatments right here in our office, so your child will always work with a familiar dental team.
  • We accept Deni-Cal and many other payment and financing options to ensure you can afford your child’s care.

Are space maintainers covered by insurance?

While every insurance policy is different, most insurance plans cover at least a portion of restorative dentistry treatments. Contact us for full details of your coverage.

What kind of space maintainer does your child need

At Mariposa Pediatric Dentistry, we’re committed to helping you make the best choice for your kid’s health and smile. Because of this, we’ll assess your child’s tooth and recommend a space maintainer that suits their specific situation.


A semi-permanent tooth device known as a fixed space maintainer often preserves enough room for the adult tooth to erupt. The maintainer can be taken out once the permanent tooth has erupted.


If your child’s tooth is about ready to erupt, a removable space maintainer can be a wise choice. These tools may be adjusted to your child’s needs. They’re typically composed of acrylic and can be fitted with a false tooth. These maintainers make it simpler for your kid to maintain healthy oral hygiene practices like brushing and flossing.

However, compared to permanent devices, removable ones are typically less good at maintaining space.

Questions about which type of space maintainer is right for your child? Contact us

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Space Maintainers FAQs

How do fixed space maintainers work?

Your child’s space maintainer will be tailor-made to their mouth. It’ll consist of 2 parts connected by a screw. You’ll need to turn the screw once daily, which causes the appliance to expand gradually. Once the desired growth is reached, your child will need to use the appliance for about 4 months.

Do removable space maintainers hurt?

Because removable space maintainers are “passive” devices, they don’t generate pressure and usually don’t cause discomfort to patients.

Do fixed space maintainers hurt?

Your child may feel some pressure right after you turn the screw. In general, children experience some minor temporary discomfort that doesn’t require the use of pain relievers. Usually, our patients get used to space maintainers quickly and can eat and talk normally.

How do I care for my space maintainers?

To keep the appliance in perfect condition, your child must avoid sticky and hard foods (like ice and nuts). Our experienced clinical staff will discuss the recommendations you must follow and answer all your questions!

Denti-Cal & most insurance accepted

We are in network with most PPO dental insurances, and are the only local pediatric dental specialist accepting Denti-Cal. Not sure if your specific plan is accepted? Contact us today for a complimentary benefits check.

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No insurance? We’ve got you covered.

We offer an in-house discount plan and payment plans to help you afford care.

Our in-house discount plan includes:


  • 2 comprehensive exams and cleanings per year, including any needed x-rays
  • Discounts on any needed treatment

All Families Welcome

At Mariposa Pediatric Dentistry, we’re proud to offer a comfortable dentistry experience to all families in our community.

We offer a full range of restorative and preventive services in a comforting and encouraging environment. At your child’s appointment, we’ll update their oral health and fill you in on any recommended treatments, including space maintainers.

You can trust Dr. Pedersen to provide a comfortable and encouraging oral health experience.

You can trust Dr. Pedersen to provide a comfortable and encouraging oral health experience.

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